# Authenticators

RestSharp includes authenticators for basic HTTP (Authorization header), NTLM and parameter-based systems.

# Using SimpleAuthenticator

The SimpleAuthenticator included allows you to pass a username and password (or API and secret key) as GET or POST parameters depending on the method used for the request. You pass it the username, password and the names of the parameters for each.

var client = new RestClient("http://example.com");
client.Authenticator = new SimpleAuthenticator("username", "foo", "password", "bar");

var request = new RestRequest("resource", Method.GET);

The URL generated for this request would be http://example.com/resource?username=foo&password=bar

Changing the above request to use a POST or PUT would send the values as encoded form values instead.

# Basic Authentication

# OAuth1


# Custom Authenticator

You can write your own implementation by implementing IAuthenticator and registering it with your RestClient:

var client = new RestClient();
client.Authenticator = new SuperAuthenticator(); // implements IAuthenticator

The Authenticate method is the very first thing called upon calling RestClient.Execute or RestClient.Execute<T>. The Authenticate method is passed the RestRequest currently being executed giving you access to every part of the request data (headers, parameters, etc.)